Azura Search Event

Women in the boardroom:
A Masterclass in inclusive leadership and the courage to ask

On the 20th May, Azura Search held our first Executive Leadership virtual masterclass in inclusive leadership targeted at women in the boardroom and aspiring leaders.

Facilitating this event was Natasja Ribbert- Lemmens, Financial Services Practice Lead, Azura Search and Steliana van de Rijt-Economu, an executive coach and award-winning author.

This informative, thought-provoking, and interactive session covered key factors to achieving inclusive leadership and invited participants to reflect on and share their experiences both in their personal lives and career.

Key discussion points of the masterclass included:

  • Increasing our awareness of unconscious and conscious bias and understanding where our unconscious bias can have a large negative impact. Particularly in relation to gender bias in the workplace.
  • Exploring the use of language to facilitate having the courage to ask and advance our careers.
  • Delving into the personal meaning of inclusion, why it is important and the negative effects of feeling excluded.
  • Recommendations for habits and behaviours to build that aid inclusive leadership.

It was fantastic to have so many attendees to the session to share experiences and learnings to advance all our knowledge. Azura Search runs webinars and discussions throughout the year for senior leaders, if you are interested in attending a future event or have a topic you would like to suggest please get in contact with us today