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We need to stop hiring for
culture fit.

Azura Search partners with clients to help deliver their board and executive searches. The criteria for each search can vary wildly, however, a common requirement for a successful candidate is that they should be a good culture fit for the organisation.

On the surface this may appear a good strategy, however, hiring an executive that has the same set of values, expectations, and the same mindset as most of your leadership team could be problematic in the long run. Culture fit limits your candidate pool, often decreases diversity of thought in your workplace and can lead to your employee culture becoming stagnated.

Culture is a key differentiator for many organisations and needs to be strengthened with every key hire. A solution to this is implementing a ‘culture add’ strategy to your hiring process. Culture add evaluates the alignment between candidates and your organisation’s values, and seeks the value add from them joining your company. This approach inspires organisations to embrace innovation incrementally, allowing each new hire to be part of the culture building process. It also encourages organisations to challenge their unconscious bias’s by actively engaging with candidates from a variety of different backgrounds and demographics.

Azura Search champions a ‘culture add’ search process that also enables opportunity for leaders from differing backgrounds. When shortlisting board and executive candidates for clients, we pay attention to unique communication styles and thought processes, values, and interests that might help candidates add value above and beyond the current culture.

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