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The time is now to approach leadership in a more human way

The global pandemic has challenged businesses across all industries. It forced an abrupt disruption to how employees work, how customers and clients behave, how businesses perform, and it has ultimately challenged the way CEOs and senior executives lead.

During this time of increased uncertainty for businesses and their employees, the difference between a boss and a leader has emerged. Leaders are the ones who have recognised and connected to the human element and acted authentically, empathically, and ethically.

CEOs and senior executives face the challenge of balancing the needs of the business with the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees. Both are important for survival and success. Actively listening and including employees on the journey through the pandemic with openness, honesty and transparency will in the long run build trust, inspire a workforce and elicit loyalty.

In terms of leadership its likely there won’t be a return to normal, the pandemic has expedited the need for leading in a more human way. Successfully forging a new normality will rely on leaders collaborating with their employees to seek out the solutions for the best ways of working to increase productivity and ultimately profitability.