By Jessica Iddon, Associate at Azura Search

The Role of the Researcher

Azura Search has a centralised research team which plays a key role in delivering our partner-led approach and real value for our clients. What does it mean to be a researcher at Azura Search? We ask Jessica Iddon, who joined the team in 2017.

Jessica iddon role of a researcher
Jessica Iddon, Associate at Azura Search

How would you describe your role?

I’m a researcher here at Azura Search, and it’s an exciting role because every day is different. I support the partners at every stage of their searches for our clients. I join them at briefings with the client, so I can understand what they’re looking for and capture that in our search. I help conduct the search, leveraging our network and database as well as market mapping to find the right talent. I assist with the interviews on the phone and in person, as well as writing up shortlist notes and preparing presentations to share back with the client. It’s a full delivery process and being involved throughout helps me to add value in what I do.

I also lead on market research for some clients. Recently I worked on a report that explored the calibre of candidate pool that a client was looking to hire from. It shared various graphs with them to highlight the type of people who might be interested in working for them, their market rate, skill repertoire, where they are based and so on.

On an ongoing basis, I keep in touch with all the people I’ve met, so we can act consultatively for them. I might broker an informal coffee meeting for a candidate we know is looking, together with someone we know might be interested in working with them.

It’s a fast-paced role - sometimes towards the end of the day, I look at the clock and wonder how on earth it’s 5:30 pm. 

What do you enjoy about the role?

Working alongside the partners every day is a great opportunity because you can learn so much from them. Development is important here at Azura Search – the partners really make sure you’re learning. Being part of the executive search process from start to end allows me to really understand what the client’s needs are. Every search is different, and you must deal with it as such. It’s very rewarding being able to see the value you bring to the clients and the impact you’re making on their business.

What skills do you need in your role?

The approach at Azura Search is very personable, and the nature of our service makes this avery people-oriented role. The ability to build relationships with very high calibre individuals is essential. You meet some great people in this role and it’s a fantastic opportunity being able to support them. When working on multiple searches at any one time, attention to detail, the ability to prioritise and be process-driven ensures that everything runs smoothly and we satisfy our clients. The role appeals completely to my skillset.

How do you support the wider team?

Everyone at Azura Search is acting as one team – we all play a crucial part and without each other, the wheel wouldn’t turn. The support I offer to the team is an essential part of the value we deliver to our clients, and I understand how my work can make the best impact. We researchers aren’t tucked away in a back office – we’re alongside the partners, representing the brand and finding every opportunity to enhance the service for our clients.

What’s it like to work for Azura Search?

This is a really great team to work with. Everyone works hard, and we support each other. If someone is struggling, we pitch in, and if someone is strong at something, we learn from them. The people at Azura Search are great and the purpose of the business in terms of supporting our charitable foundation; The Altum Foundation makes it all worthwhile. We all really get on and there’s a good family feel. That’s part of our success.


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