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Businesses are facing new challenges – do interim professionals provide a solution?

The escalating impact of Covid-19 and the increasing government restrictions to tackle the crisis have resulted in one of the greatest challenges to our economy in the last century.

The ongoing uncertainty has brought the need for change and agility in many businesses.
Companies that haven’t previously required it are having to transform their supply chain, manage cash, transform their workforce, or lead various turnaround and change programmes. If this specialist expertise isn’t already in a company’s arsenal, developing it at pace can provide a challenge for business leaders.

The interim market provides an ideal solution to acquiring expertise quickly. Through this market, businesses can tap into an experienced group of professionals who can lead, support, coach and advise a business through these challenges, with no long-term financial commitment.

Each interim professional has a specialist skillset that they can utilise to support businesses in both leadership and supporting roles. Due to the temporary nature of their roles, these professionals can impact change and implement strategy rapidly. This is vital for businesses either in crisis or overstretched from demand, as it is uncertain how long the current restrictions will be in place and how long we will be seeing the affects after they are lifted.

In recognition of the crucial role the interim workforce will play over the coming months, the government has delayed the IR35 reforms due to be implemented this year to 2021.

It is during times of uncertainty and rapid change when the interim professional comes into their own.

Azura Search has an extensive network of interim professionals ready and available to support your business needs.